TED Participants--if you would like, add any biographical information about yourself below.

HI! I`m Carolina, an English Secondary School teacher in Orgiva, a village at the foot of Sierra Nevada in Granada, southern Spain.
I do really believe we can make things work better and we can have better students by having better teachers, working together with effort and enthusiasm.
I have been working in a bilingual section and piled up lots of material in other several wikis.
See the links and please, do whatever you like with the materials, including comments, criticism and improvements!

wiki bilingual section IES Sierra Nevada Almería Spain

cooperative work with students from Madrid, Barcelona and Almería

bilingual education platform with wonderful material and liks This is a worlwide platform dealing with bilingual educational issues in US and Europe. Lots of people sharing ideas!!

Thanks for telling us more about you, Carolina. And thanks for the great links as well :) -Lucinda

I am Lili from El Ejido, on the other side of Sierra Nevada. Today we heard in the news, that the government is reducing our pay 5% ! So the economic crisis of Europe is starting to be taken seriously in Spain.

just some final thoughts about our experience:

The virtual discussions were very interesting and challenging for me.
In the beginning, I got lost reading the chat, the white-board and listening to the audio: it is difficult for me to concentrate on one content using English for communication.
The articles, the topics, the different points of view of the participants, the different forms of interpretation of the world, mean an enrichment for me.
Maybe it would have been interesting to use more the Moodle forum in order to deepen the topics treated (although I know how limited we are in time).

So, I am very glad to have been able to participate and want to thank all of you for sharing your knowledge and thinking.